“Endgame”???? THAT was the big secret? Laaaaaame.

Alternate titles are:

Avengers: Nebula (You all know she deserves to kill him)

Avengers: Crying and depressed superheros

Avengers: Thank god for Scott Lang

Avengers: Hawkeye spotted

Avengers: for real, fuck Grimace

Avengers: Contracts’ end

Avengers: help us, Carol Danvers and 90s technology, you’re our only hope

Avengers: Clint goes goth

Avengers: Hot Tub Time Machine

Avengers: just at the moment I think I’ve successfully emotionally detached from this hell they give me Tony, hopeless and dying in his sexy tanktop with the battered remains of his helmet sitting there as a metaphor for EVERYTHING, and I’m an emotional mess again

Avengers: Emotional Blackmail

Avengers: Where the fuck is Loki?

Avengers: Who the fuck is Loki?

Avengers: Why the fuck is Loki?

Avengers: Why do you stupid fangirls still care about that pretentious ponce when we are giving you all these patriarchy-approved Macho Macho Men to swoon over? Look, they’re even shedding manly tears of sensitivity, just for you

@philosopherking1887 I almost blocked you with a kneejerk click before I even read your post in full. Damn your manly tears. I used to like Tony, you know? A couple of years ago I’d had lapped this trailer up. Now I honestly don’t give a fuck.

C’mon, you know me better than that. I (used to) love Tony, too, but he’s gotten sucked into the vortex of self-important mediocrity that is the Markus & McFeely/Russo Brothers collaborations.

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